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Colorful Crystal
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Cher the Magick

Chair Reiki (15 minutes)

Tarot/Oracle Cards using Crystal and Sound Synergies with Chair Reiki (30 Minutes)

A Bit About Me

Cher…ing ( Sharing) the Magick since 1990

Cher is a free spirit (Hippie at Heart). Well known, honest & trusted light worker.  

Her “soul" purpose is to facilitate personal clarity, comfort, peace & healing: of * Mind * Body * Spirit*

Holistic energy worker since 1991 * Shamballa III & Reiki Master since 2000 *  Channels Divine, Angelic & universal energy for spiritual insight & energy healing. Incorporating  * Color * Sound * & * Vibrational Therapy.  

Always done with the highest integrity,  greatest good & very best of intentions.

3rd Annual Psychic & Wellness Fair!

Reiki Healing
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