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The Storm of 1962

Called the Great Atlantic Storm, in March 1962, Long Beach Island was hit with a storm that devasted the island and those who lived here and those that owned houses on the island.  The island was breached in several locations causing the bay to meet the ocean.  It lasted three days, toppled homes and seven people perished in the storm including Long Beach Township Police Chief Angelo J. Leonetti, Township Police Commissioner Kenneth G. Chipman, First Aider Robert Osborn and two elderly couples.  

As part of the museum's collection are not only are haunting pictures of the destruction but we also have letters written by a few people who chose to stay through the storm and their experiences.

1962 Hurricane on LBI


Read the first hand account from Elsa of the destruction and devastation on the island.


Read George's letter to a neighbor about the storm and the cataclysmic outcomes of the storm.

1962 Hurricane on LBI
1962 hurricane


Read Jean's letter to her friend, Ina, about the ruinous outcomes of the storm.  Luckily, she survived.


Written by Thomas Farner, he tells of the horrifying time endured by those who unsuspecting of massiveness of the storm and how they managed to make it out the other end of the storm.  And of those that didn't make it.

1962 hurricane on LBI
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