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Fisherman's Cottage

An important piece of LBI  history

Fiaherman's Cottage.png

and Now

In this photo, the Cottage resides on it's original location on 2nd Street In Beach Haven on LBI.

In this photo, the Cottage resides behind the LBIHA Museum where the Association relocated it for preservation.

Fisherman's cottage - new.jpg

Inside the Cottage

Why is it so important to preserve the
Fisherman's Cottage?

The "Baymen" represent a whole segment of people who were truly the backbone of the early development of LBI.  Their knowledge of our local waters learned as fishermen, crabbers and oystermen made them ideal workers for the US Lifesavers Service, captains of our charter boats, market gunners and duck hunting guides.


With no bridges to the mainland, they were responsible for transporting all the materials used for the early houses and hotels and the gravel and straw for the streets.  They then branched out and became the labor to build the houses and streets and to dig artesian wells to bring LBI its fresh water.  The "Baymen" are to be admired not only for their diversity of skills but also for their keen sense of ingenuity which they used to support their families when living on the island year-round was a challenge.


Since they played such an integral part in the early development of Long Beach Island the LBI Historical Association salute the baymen and are honored to preserve one of their early cottages which reflects their simple and dedicated lifestyle.


The Fisherman's Cottage, located at 136 Centre Street, Beach Haven, (behind the museum) is open during the summer for tours.

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