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Walking Tours

Learn about LBI from our renowned historians!

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Historic Victorian Mansions & Landmarks Walking Tour

Experience the past through our famous Walking Tours!

 These walking tours will showcase the houses of our early families of the island.  Hear the stories of their lives that brought them to LBI and the impacts of their contributions to the growth of Beach Haven and beyond.  From early days of those who came to hunt and fish, to those who started the first hotels and the families that built up the area now known as Beach Haven.

The guided walking tours of Beach Haven's Historic District are divided into two options:  

The Tuesday tour visits the northern Historic District. 

The Friday tour visits the southern Historic District.

Each tour of the Historic District that leaves the Museum every Tuesday and Friday at 10:00am (weather permitting), from the last week of June until Labor Day and take about 1.5 hours to complete. Both tours include the restored Fisherman's Cottage.


Walking tours are available at other times by advance appointment:  call  609-492-3878.  

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Evening Ghost Tours

Tuesday Evenings @ 7:00 PM

Like many early settlement towns, Beach Haven is known to have a few spooky legends and stories of its own.  Explore the legends of pirate booty, ghost dogs, the girl in white and more.  Join our walking tour through Beach Haven and decide for yourself - fact or fiction? 

Tours leave the Museum on Tuesday nights at 7:00 pm. Cost is $15/per adult & $8 per child, includes Museum admission.  It is run by a third party ghost aficionado.  Reservations required, call  609-709-1425. 

Tricia P., Maryland

"We've always admired the victorian homes and buildings in Beach Haven.  Taking the tour provided so much detail to the families that built the homes and what life was like in the 1800's on LBI."  

Allan G, NH

"My kids and I were curious about the Ghost Tour, and SO glad we did it.  The tour guide was fun and able to tell many stories from back in the day.  Gives you a different perspective as you walk around town now!"

John L., Massachusetts

"My large family came to LBI for a reunion.  Both of these tours were so much fun for all ages!  Also gives you something different to do then just the beach and mini golf (which we love too)!"
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