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Psychic Stones
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Kasandra Chasmar

Tarot Card Sessions (15 or 30 minutes)

Tarot/Palm Reading (30 minutes)

A Bit About Me

 Born with the veil of a psychic, Kasandra has over 60 years of professional reading experience in tarot, palm, crystal, tea leaf, numerology, and aromatherapy. She comes from a lineage of natural intuitives. She has read for clients (United States & internationally). Kasandra offers a lifetime of knowledge and experience. She guides people through readings and workshops utilizing her innate psychic intuitive ability, expertise, and philosophical mind at her shop, Charmed in Company, Waretown, NJ ( She has been a columnist, radio personality, and has had numerous articles written about her in over nine NJ publications.

3rd Annual Psychic & Wellness Fair!

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