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Welcome to the Long Beach Island Historical Museum

Not All Treasures are Buried!

Preserving History

Our goal at the Long Beach Island Historical Association is to be a place where visitors can learn about and celebrate the rich and diverse history of Long Beach Island. We aim to provide an inviting and educational experience that explores the unique cultures that have contributed to the heritage of our community.

Exhibits & Collections

Our exhibits and collections offer a glimpse into the unique history and culture of Long Beach Island. From photographs to artifacts, there's something for everyone to explore.

Events & Programs

From lectures and workshops to special events and celebrations, Long Beach Island Historical Museum offers a variety of programs throughout the year. Learn more about our upcoming events and programs.


About Our Museum

Long Beach Island Historical Museum is a historical museum that tells the story of Long Beach Island, located Beach Haven NJ. Our collection of archival material and displays bring the past into the present. We are an inviting, informative, and educational resource, the place for exploring and celebrating Long Beach Island's rich cultural heritage.

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