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Anchors & Chains

This was a fun project for the kids.  They learned about the different types of anchors and their importance for boats and sailors.  We took them outside to see the anchors in the museums yard as wells as those inside.   They tried to lift the chain on the anchor and experience how heavy they could be.  There were also fun facts about anchors and chain that both parents and kids didn't know! 


The project was entitled The Great Chain Race! The objective was to build the longest paper chain using only one piece of construction paper, one glue stick and one pair of scissors.  They were separated into groups and had 20 minutes to complete. 


The design challenges were to figure out how to make the longest chain from one piece of paper!  For some of our older kids, they worked to compute the range, median, mean and mode. 


It was quite a challenge for all ages, including adults! 

Outside Anchors

The Museum has 3 anchors outside on the property.  The top left is an admiralty anchor. The bottom left is a plow anchor and the anchor on the right is also an admiralty anchor.  The chain on the right anchor is incredibly heavy!

anchors outside.png

Anchor Chain Fun Fact

In 1778, George Washington built a barrier chain across the Hudson River.  It was 1700 feet long and 275 pounds per link.  The chain is still preserved at the US Military Academy in NY.

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The Challenge:
The Great Chain Race!

Let the challenge begin!

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Inside Anchors

The anchor on the left is known as a mushroom anchor, which if turned over resembles a mushroom.  The anchor on the right is a Bruce Anchor or claw anchor.

inside anchors.png

Anchor Chain Fun Fact

#1 USS Ford's Anchor - The anchor and chain system aboard the USS Ford is very heavy.  The anchor itself weighs 30,000 pounds, the chain is 1, 400 feet long and each link weighs 136 lbs.

steam kids (1).png

Measuring the Chains

The kids decided to measure the chains using the length of their bodies!  Pretty ingenious!

steam kids (3).png
Join in the fun! 
Each week is a different topic with interesting challenges -
for kids and adults!
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