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Colleen McNally

Mediumship - 30 Minutes

A Bit About Me

My name is Colleen McNally, owner of Soul Magic Healing. My journey with Tarot Reading
began in 2018, since then, I have become a Tarot Educator, Reiki and Access Bars Practitioner,
a Psychic Medium, an Integrative Wellness Life Coach, a podcast host and a writer.


My sole intention for my channel is to deliver information that will help serve the highest and
best in divine alignment for the individual before me. I believe in free will and that all information
presented is fluid. Meaning, that the information presented is your trajectory at the current
moment and you can change the outcome at any time. I also feel the same for spirits. I will do
my best to channel your loved one on the other side. However, our loved ones may be off doing
other things, such as viewing their life review or assisting other spirits. At the time of your
reading, another loved one may show up in their place.


My readings are meant to bring empowerment, healing and inspire affirming action. My reading
style is honest, forthright, yet supportive. I am a conversational Medium. So, the more we talk
during a session, the more information I will receive.
There is nothing more inspiring to me than to see others take ownership of their lives, overcome
self-limiting beliefs, and live a life that brings them true joy and purpose.
I am excited to share my expertise and channel with you. I am even more excited to see what
you do with the messages you receive and be a witness to the magic you will make!

3rd Annual Psychic & Wesllness Fair!

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