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Kids Programs in the Museum

Engaging in a blend of STEAM activities and historical artifacts, each session presents a fresh design challenge to young participants and their families. It's a delightful family experience where problem-solving takes center stage, fostering a unique environment where learning and fun seamlessly intertwine.

2024 July 8 - STEAM Kids measuring their chains.jpg
2024 July 8 - STEAM Kids- Chains.jpg

Kids STEAM Program - A Summer Must-Do!

Every Monday - July & August

In the Museum @ 10:30 AM



The Long Beach Island Historical Association Museum has a Makerspace program for kids, 5 - 13 years of age.  The morning incorporates STEAM activities with historical artifacts from the Museum.


Each week, a new design challenge is presented to the kids and their parents.  It's truly a family affair where problem solving becomes the key to having fun and learning through STEAM activities.


July 8th - Anchor and Mooring Gear - Paper Chain Anchor Challenge - This is an exciting project to watch children reason out!  It gets kids thinking and they can work individually or in groups!  What a great time - See what the kids learned!

July 15th - Traveling to LBI: Design a Bridge Challenge - Bridges depend on two different forces to make it stable to carry the load, compression and tension.  In this challenge, the children will build a paper bridge and make it stable.


July 22nd - Old Barney: Lighthouse Challenge - The children learn about two problems encountered at sea and how lighthouses can resolve those problems. They will design a lighthouse model and then build one using materials found around the house.


July 29th - LBI Switchboard Operators: Build a Phone Challenge - Children will investigate how sound travels through string and air.  They will combine a string & cup with a partner to model a string phone.  Then they are given the design challenge to redesign their string phone for distance.


Be sure to join in on the fun!

Kids must be accompanied by an adult.

August 5th

Pound Fishing on LBI:  Boats that Float Challenge

The early fishermen of LBI once hauled fish from elaborate traps, they were called Pound Fishermen.  In this challenge, children will learn how to make boats that float!

August 12th

Saving Lives on LBI: Cereal Shooter Challenge

When storms were so powerful, that boats could not be used, a long range line-throwing gun was used by the Life-Saving Service.  Children will create a model of life saving equipment

August 19th

Sailing on Barnegat Bay: Puff Mobile Challenge

For long, seafarers hoisted their sails when the wind blew in the right direction, pulled out their oars, and paddled when it wasn’t. In this week's challenge, kids will build a sailing car and race it in the museum!

August 26th

Just for Fun:  Protecting  Cargo, Egg Drop Challenge

Long ago, goods traveled to a port in some container, usually in baskets, crates, sacks, or casks loaded onto ships. This week's challenge: build a protection device to prevent an egg from cracking when dropped from a ladder onto a concrete path!

"My children look forward to this every summer vacation - rain or shine.  They learn so much while having fun!  Highly recommend!

Michelle A., NY

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