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Psychic Stones

Gina Romano

Mediumship (30 minutes) or Psychic Spiritual Guidance (30 minutes)

A Bit About Me

Gina Romano is a Psychospiritual Educator, University Professor of Statistics, Mathematics and Social Emotional Learning. She is also a psychic, medium and tarot reader. Gina offers courses, workshops and seminars that intertwine being human, psychology and spirituality, for both personal and professional development.  All of her work incorporates both her spiritual and logical gifts. Her work is designed to help individuals along their life's path, deepen their relationship to self-discovery and evolve towards enlightenment. 


Gina's spiritual readings are individually tailored to whatever area of interest you have. They can be a combination of psychic, mediumship, tarot and spiritual guidance.  Readings are intuitively customized to what ever is in the client's highest and best interest.  However, if you have a preference for a particular style of reading she will utilize that modality. It is always her intention to deliver messages that are aligned with the highest expression of your soul's potential. You will determine the focus of our session and we will cover whatever area of life that you'd like guidance on.  Gina's spiritual gifts are enhanced by dialogue and objects. So, be ready to engage in conversation for a transformative experience and if you'd like to connect with a loved one feel free to bring an object of significance.

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