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Kirsten Askins

Astrology or Chair Yoga (30 minute sessions)

A Bit About Me

Kirsten Askins has been a student of Astrology and Yoga since age 18, she is now in her late 50’s. Both of those artistic expressions in the 1980’s did not have formal trainings so she sought out teachers on her own and apprenticed to learn one-on-one. Since that time, both have grown in practitioners and trainers and over the years Kirsten has completed formal schooling in both Astrology and Yoga and considers each lifelong commitments of practice, learning and teaching. 
Kirsten feels that all Art is a way to know yourself and to connect to your higher self and has always been drawn to Astrology and Yoga as tools to wholeness and wellness.

In 2011, she and two other committed teachers opened Hanu Yoga Studio and Holistic Arts Center, located in downtown Barnegat, NJ. At Hanu Yoga, you can find Yoga, Astrology, Reiki, Tarot, Acupressure and Sound Meditations as a way to know yourself and be amongst others who wish for the same.

3rd Annual Psychic & Wellness Fair!

Yoga at Home
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