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Psychic Stones
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Robin Schiltkamp - Walk-Ins Only

Medium & Love/Relationship Readings

30 Minutes per Session

A Bit About Me

I became a psychic medium because I recognized my abilities to help and heal souls both on
the earth plain and the spirit realm. I further embraced the path God, Archangels and Spirit
designed for my life through many years of lessons, heartbreak, healing and learning how to
transmute pain into power.

I read energy and use Tarot cards as a tool to assist in opening the energy of the person I am reading for. I read Tarot cards intuitively and symbolically and this usually opens the energy for a deeper connection to spirit and the information the spirit guides want to convey. I do a short invocation to God and spirit to open the reading and join us and please tell me what I need to know to share with my guests. Spirit connects with me by speaking to me through my abilities of clairaudience (hearing), clairsentience (emotions), clairvoyance (visual) and claircognizance (a clear knowing).

My guests will hear what they need to know at this time in their journey for their highest good. I truly enjoy doing readings as I have witnessed the healing effect for those searching for healing, guidance, and sometimes, closure. I look forward to helping in your journey on the earth plain.

3rd Annual Psychic & Wellness Fair!

Crystal Ball
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